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I got a hunch about something. Tell that weird Cuban I need a word with him. You suppose you could do that for me? Like trying to get a little girl back in olden times to take off her panties. It was hard labor, what you had to do to cover your ass and stay ahead. Work work work: Moke did strongarm chores for the Cuban. Moke would be a dandy choice—dumb, eager and right there—to take the Cuban out should the need arise.

It was a tabloid-size catalogue of military weapons and gear: rifles, handguns, nasty-looking submachine guns, knives, machetes, steel whips. Dutch army helmets, mustard gas in a handy tenounce aerosol container. It occurred to her she might have to do a double check on Mr. Gorman, ask around, learn a little more about his lifestyle.

Shotgun News did not go with the brocade draperies, the formal, traditional furniture, the huge Hudson Valley landscapes in the heavy gilt frames.

Or did it? Maybe his mother had decorated the place. Maybe Chucky Gorman was hardline NRA, ready to defend his property against Communists, Cubans, Haitians or citizens of Miami in general; living thirty miles north might not be to him a safe enough distance. There was a phone with extension buttons—one of them lit—on the marble coffee table, no ashtray, no other magazines. Shotgun News was it. Set it up on the table and get them coming over the rail of the fifteen-story balcony.

It occurred to her, also, to move from the sofa. The sliding glass doors to the balcony were directly across the room, the draperies pulled back all the way, so that she faced sun-reflected sky flat on the glass, a west exposure.

If Mr. But as Kyle waited and the sky paled, lost its fire, her mind changed with it. Why bother to move? The profile she had on this Chucky described a man: Thirty-two Sick Of O.J.

- Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson (Vinyl) looked at least forty. But what did he do exactly? See what he says. I mean a lot. Colorful, you might say. Almost a half hour before a door finally opened and there he was. Look at that sweet young thing. But here was one right in his own living room. He felt alive. Which was true, though he gave the words more amazement than he actually felt.

You write all that stuff in there? Now getting her neat mind in order. I appreciate it. Chucky slipped over next to the coffee table to look down at her, get a closer view. Delicate girl features—a touch of blush, lip gloss maybe, just a speck—but with a backpacking outdoor look about her. Her right hand rested on a straw handbag next to her. Why, do they inhibit you? Stopped and turned back to her with his grin in place. Look-it how serious I am. Who goes?

Lionel Oliva, in a pale-blue double-breasted suit and silky gray sportshirt, stepped in from the hall. What should I do with him? Put him in the den. Rainy say is a friend of his. You ever see the guy before? The door closed as he turned back to Miss Kyle McLaren. All eyes. Look at her looking at him, the little broad from Palm Beach in her pure and spotless sundress, clean undies and a light cotton blazer, perfect for business or casual wear, for that cocktail at the Everglades Club with an important client or maybe even Mr.

I like Swiss franc futures better. What I want to know is, you going to give me a straight answer or a lot of words? The British fleet moved on the Falklands last spring and the price rose twenty-three points the first two days. Movies, I never thought of movies. You know what the last one I saw was? But hey, listen. If I invested in a movie, would I get to meet any starlets? The particular problem I run into. No, first you tell me a few things. Gorman, I have to tell you something.

Everybody calls me Chucky, even the help. A soft blue. No gee-whiz expression lurking in there. Ah, but the hands were folded in her lap. There was a slight bump in her nose. That and the shoulder-length hair cut off abruptly and without any swirls gave her the outdoor look.

Her mouth, very yummy, lips slightly parted. No, what was the question? You mean right now as of this point in time? Tell people what to do with their money. But I specialize, you have to understand, in private placements, growth opportunities, usually going into new companies that need equity capital.

No girlish tricks. Yes, a first. Chucky was sure of it. Bankers, lawyers, stockbrokers. I have to say, I heard a lot of good things about you.

Some others at Leucadendra. I get down there to play golf once in awhile. But Barry, whether you know it or not, is very impressionable.

You follow me? These guys, they come in here in their darkblue three-piece suits, the alligator cases, graphs, all kinds of statistics, and you know what they do? They blow smoke at me. Chucky got up. There was another phone on the metal patio table. He picked it up and turned to the railing as he began to speak, hunching over now in the privacy of the fifteen-story drop, his shape clearly defined now against the sky. A very strange-looking guy.

Chucky was a picture. Jim was a stockbroker, now, still in Boston. He could be tiresome, but at least he was different. She might go with Chucky. You want to listen in? Cost him, I hear, a million dollars. Some of his guys stay here. Chucky goes through broads, man. He gets rid of them or they get nervous being with him and have to leave. Some guys—did I tell you that? Or ask Rainy about it sometime. He got up from the desk where he was making Rainy nervous and looked around the paneled den.

The wood walls and floor made the room seem bare. Stick went over to a row of framed color photographs of groups of men in sporty attire. A group with golf clubs. A group standing by a row of sailfish hanging by their tails.

A group having drinks on the fantail of a yacht. The name, lettered in gold on the stern, was Seaweed. Stick looked a little closer. One of the girls wore a gold slave chain around her bare middle—yeah, and the comedian next to her with the wide-eyed who-me?

There was a dartboard hanging on the wall, the paneling around it gorged with tiny holes. There was a TV set. At first Stick thought The Last Thing I Needed - Will Hoge - Small Town Dreams (Vinyl, LP) were two standing side by side but then saw the smaller one was a home computer.

Now little kids were playing with them. He had not played any of those games yet himself; they looked complicated. He picked up from the floor a straw cowboy hat with a big scoop brim and looked inside it. Stick placed it on the hattree that was piled with hats and caps of all kinds. Different-colored golf caps, a yachting cap, an orange hardhat, a straw boater, a red military beret, a long-billed fisherman hat, a New York Yankee baseball cap, a tennis hat.

The guy seemed to like hats and telephones. It was warmer outside than in and felt good. The sun was going fast now, laying off beyond where the Everglades would be, just the top part of it showing now, fiery red, but you could look right at it.

You could almost see it going down. Stick was looking almost straight down at it and could hear the music, a faint pulsing beat he would swear was disco. He could picture Bobbi, the friendly bartender, the easy way she had with the young guys coming in high-fiving each other, making loud remarks. Rainy was right, he had to lay back and get with the rhythm of it again.

Just guys showing off, trying to act like studs. That Bobbi was sure nice looking. Stick straightened from the metal railing, looking down the length of the balcony, and saw a heavyset guy with his shirt hanging out, maybe thirty feet away, and it took him by surprise. At first he thought the guy was throwing up, the way he was leaning over the rail; but now he straightened and did a little pivot and Stick saw he was talking on the phone.

It had to be Chucky. Even without the pink shirt he had on in the boat picture, yeah, that would be Chucky. Come on, you know goddamn well I would never. Why would I want to cut off my source, for Christ sake? Look, we been all over that. I goofed, okay? I got taken in same as you. I told you that, Christ, how many times?

Like any other drop. How you tip the boy is up to you. For several moments he stood noticeably still. Now he was moving again, wound up, coming back in with a painted-on smile, shaking his head. Jesus, We Danced On The Ceiling - Bonnie Tyler - Telefonkarten Edition Vol.

5. (CD) way things are getting around here. They come in nylon or corduroy with removable panels of a DuPont protective fiber. I think Kevlar Twenty-nine. Chucky stared back at her. But you know what I get from stockbrokers, the investment experts? She sat back again, brushing at her bangs with the tips of her fingers. And second, if the deals I suggest are keeping him awake nights, then he should be in treasury bills or moneymarket funds.

Beyond that. Kyle came forward again, slowly. Is getting someone to sympathize with your problem. They come in here in their dark-blue threepiece outfits, the black wingtips, guys they look like they shower and shave about four times a day.

I tell them I got a very special problem. Kyle saw him briefly, there and then gone. Have the upper and lower GIs, the barium enema. You know you get to look at your insides on TV now? I want to see my bowels, for Christ sake?

Her mouth drops open down to here. Same with these guys in the dark blue suits. Just as the man in the white shirt, on the balcony, was passing the doorway again, glancing in as he went back the other way. I asked you a question. Though his expression, staring at Chucky, seemed at ease. It caught her by surprise when he stepped into the doorway. He looked around the living room, taking his time. He looked directly at her. Then looked at Chucky again. Chucky turned to Kyle. Jesus Christ.

Put money in some gimmick everybody has to have, get rich and retire. No more worries, no more looking over your shoulder. STICK 51 So the boys in the dark-blue three-piece suits come up here, the wingtips, I start talking, they start pulling at their little ties.

It surprised her that she felt no aversion. But then money was simply money. It had no intrinsic moral value. It passed from hand to hand.

She touched her throat. But how does it help me? Barry bought into a beautiful little company in Dayton last month. They make instrumentation to measure analog and digital signals. If they want your investment bad enough you can deliver it in one-dollar bills in a wheelbarrow. As long as you pay my fees by check. Can we agree to that? I got a law firm. Yeah, I see what you mean. It seemed to Stick like a ceremony: all of them standing around Sick Of O.J. - Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson (Vinyl), Rainy taking the suitcase now, bringing it down to his side and hefting it.

Lionel was looking at him with a sleepy expression, heavy features slack. He had five or six of them hanging around this place, some others when he needed them. Stick tried staring back at Lionel, not giving it much, and Lionel held on for about five seconds before looking away. Chucky had hardly looked at him at all since coming in from the living room, alone.

The girl must have left. She had seemed out of place here. She looked like a social worker with money, if there was such a thing as that. Or a tennis pro. One of us. So what do you need a gun for? Like Brinks, man, for just in case. Why is it different this one? You want the job, get outta here. Five grand you said. Now go on, get out. You think you could do that? See you tomorrow. Then when the guy left and went to Colombia it was okay with Nestor because he say Chucky has to pay him.

See, Chucky knew a guy from New York or some place he thought was a good guy. He see him in the Mutiny, different places, he knows the guy is buying product, right?

So Chucky is thinking okay, no problem. What else is he going to think? Nestor is crazy anyway. Sometime they call him El Chaco, from some wild place where he was born. El Chaco. He start free-basing, he kill these animals as a sacrifice, with a knife. It can scare the shit out of you, you see something like that. Chucky explain it to him, no, man, he was surprised as Nestor the guy was a narc.

He say, ask anybody at the Mutiny, they tell you. Nestor, he finally say okay, but Chucky has to pay him for the bond, you know, that Nestor lost. He always say that, Chucky? About the gorilla. He ask me. You can tell, uh? How he moves? He had begun thinking about his former wife, Mary Lou, when Rainy had to brake hard in traffic not watching his lane, and Stick felt his bucket seat slide forward and had to plant his feet.

Now she was back here again, Stick believed, because she missed bitching about her mother. They were a great pair, with their mouths turned down and set that way for all time. They had to meet a guy here, Rainy said, who would tell them where to go.

A guy name Moke. Get it over with. Lock your door. Hot shit. He was getting old. Getting on and nothing to show for it.

Stick watched him approach this side of the van as Rainy came around and got back in. He had on an old worn-out leather jacket zipped partway up, nothing under it but bare skin. Stick would bet he had a couple of tattoos on him somewhere, crude, threatening artwork.

Just come through here. Moke climbed in and slammed the door. Then looked around at Stick. He could feel his heart beating. STICK 61 Moke took the suitcase, laid it on his lap and fooled with the clasps until he got the top half raised. Rainy glanced out the side windows, then switched on the interior light. Stick raised up on his knees. He saw neat rows of banded one-hundred-dollar bills filling the suitcase. Moke picked up one of the packets and riffled through it, picked up another one, raising it to his ear and did it again.

Moke half-turned to put dull eyes on Stick. He could still feel his heart beating. What he had to do was tell himself, keep telling himself, he had nothing to do with this, he was along for the ride. Take a moment to think, realize where he was now and not just react to things.

That was understandable. Inside you would have pissed on the guy. It was so different out. But inside you all lived together in the same fluorescent light or lights in metal cages without shades.

You were in the same kind of light together all the time. You were lucky in there, Stick began to think. Jesus, you were lucky. You know it? One moment thinking he was going to die against that cement wall. Tell me your pleasure, you want weed, you want shit, tell me what you want. Yeah, see the drive?

In there. Turn your engine off. They sat in silence. He saw headlights coming across the field toward them, creeping, coming out of darkness. In the beams now he saw a baseball diamond. I said off, asshole! The headlights went off. Then came on again glaring, switched to high beam. Moke shoved the suitcase at him. I come along for the ride. I want to say hi to Nestor. A figure appeared at the right front fender. Rainy was in the beams now, out in front of the van. Who is that? Saw the figure by the headlights raise something in his hands and saw the muzzle flash as he heard the burst of gunfire, a hammering sound out in the open.

The headlight beams lit up the compartment, showed him the rear-door latch. He banged through the doors and left the van running, digging hard, that hammering sound chasing him until he was around the corner of the school building. With no idea of direction he walked residential streets of tile-roofed bungalows concealed in shrubbery, aroused a few relentless dogs, came out to commercial lights again, finding South Dixie Highway without knowing where it was.

Suppose to die. They sold nickel bags inside for seven bucks, they sold regular cigarettes, shampoo, all that kind of stuff; they sold shine made from potatoes, spud juice at ten bucks a gallon, or let fruit juice stand till it turned and drank that. A sateen jacket? Blue and gold with his name on the back? Look nice, be a man of fashion. Here was the strange part. No, out of five thousand eight hundred and something losers shuffling around, hanging out in the yard, getting high, chasing sissies, it was a white guy named Luther doing two to five who stared at him a few weeks, circled in and finally told Stick he was going to kill him.

Just like, why would he have thought he had to watch Moke? The colored guys—Christ, he got along fine with the colored guys and they knew all about him, from DeJohn Holmes. Maybe he thinks in his stone mind you somebody else or you remind him of somebody stepped on him one time. He say he going to shank you and you say watching the motherfucker eat is enough to turn you sick to death anyway.

But see, he so slow in the head he has to think, man, to blink. Getting next to DeJohn, being discovered by him. I draw thirty to life for the third and final time around. Hudson Company in downtown Detroit and got ate up. He said he was doing his time for a grocery store in Oakland County, not any homicide or robbery in downtown Detroit. Like the two brothers in the shopping mall, in the parking lot, I believe was Northland. DeJohn showed his gold and his pink tongue. He felt the wet on his back and thought at first it was sweat.

He began to smell something. Christ, gasoline, and heard it when Luther dropped the match on him and wouf the back of his jacket went up in flames and he dove head-first over to land on his back on the cement and roll from side to side grinding in that hot sting.

Say he was going to shank you. Three witnesses in wool caps and white aprons swore Luther was splitting pork ribs with a cleaver, missed and cut off his left hand. He could have been seriously hurt and bled to death. Stick sat on the cement porch of the Hotel Bon-Aire, listening to elderly people with New York Jewish accents complain about high prices, about Medicare and how Reagan had betrayed them.

The hotel was light-green stucco, four stories, and seemed more STICK 71 like a retirement home than a hotel. Stick could feel the old people staring at him; one asked if he was with the government, looking things over. August, no tourists, but still a lot of people on South Beach. He crossed the street always lined with cars and went out on the sand past the clumps of sea grape and the Cuban families cooking over charcoal, eating at the picnic tables, and lay in the sun listening to bits of voice sounds coming to him in Spanish.

They sounded like they were arguing but looked like they were having fun. Try and figure out Cubans. He would lie in the sun not moving and think about going up to Stuart or Daytona, or maybe over on the west coast around Naples, work construction. With the hot glare pressing on his glasses and his eyes closed tight he would try to look into the future to a place where a man forty-two, starting over, could find something interesting and make up for lost time.

Not around Miami, though. Or Detroit. People up there with seniority were drawing unemployment. He was going to buy some clothes and get lucky there. The manager of the hotel, an old bent-over guy, showed him laundry packages of stuff a guy had left in his room Stick could have for thirty bucks. Different-colored shirts with little polo players on them, nice pants just a little tight, a couple light jackets, everything clean and neatly folded, fairly new stuff but without that brand-new look, which Stick liked even better.

The manager said this young fella that left the clothes was here in May, went off to Key West for the weekend and never came back. The manager settled for twenty. Stick went out and bought a pair of sneakers with blue stripes on the sides. He burned the first day in the sun. But by the fourth day he looked like he was working construction again, getting tan faster than he ever had before. His hair even looked different, lighter; he let it fall in its natural bent instead of STICK 73 combing it back behind his ears.

Four days and he looked like a regular Florida native. Next he would be going to discos, doing those slinky numbers with the ladies.

He had to make up his mind about something, take one thing at a time. He bought a postcard to send to DeJohn that showed a bunch of alligators, one with its mouth wide open, next to a kidney-shaped cement pool.

He would sit with his bourbon and stare at the empty white message side of the card, thinking: Dear DeJohn, My luck almost ran out on me the other night. Dear DeJohn, man, could I use you right now. Dear DeJohn, Rainy asked me to go with him on a deal that was supposed to be a Sunday drive. Tell what happened. Tell what he was going to do about it.

Well, the way it looked when he first started thinking about it, nothing. Rainy knew there was always a risk, that kind of business, but it was how he made his living.

Chucky owes a Cuban money. Chucky makes the payment. What he tried to do during the day, lying on the beach, taking walks along the surf, was think only about his future. Look at it in bright sunlight. Here it was, the world. I'm So Smart Now. As Fucked As Gator.

Skate For God. You Will Go Steve Caballero. Better Never Than Late. Marriage Can Suck It. Youth Attack! Stock Footage.

Pre im mature Retirement P. Deaf And Dumb. Red And Green Make Yellow. Wasteoid On The Celluloid. IQ 32 Necros. Punch Drunk Husker Du. The Tears Of A Clone. Last Warning Who Fucking Cares. Rich Crusties Live At Otto's.

Why Do You Bother Ebro? Couldn't Fuckin Care Less. Whatever Happened? Mindless Blah Blah Blah. The Worm Song. Falling Off - Do It! Matando A Miséria A Pau Love Me. Wailing Guitar Solos Vol. Fuck Being Positive. Ralph on Ralph. Twiggy On My Mind. Cousins On The Loose Loose. I Go To School, Sick Of O.J. - Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson (Vinyl). Cross Me Project X.

Come back on or after Tuesday, July 18 to vote for your favorite songs. Locust Plague Soundscapes CD. Econochrist Discography Double CD. Locust First Album CD.

Customer Reviews. Displaying 1 to 10 of 49 reviews Jump to page. Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk. Max from Washington, DC. Nov 11 Jonny from New Britain, CT. Jul 18 Jovanni from Jersey City, NJ. Mar 9 Adam from Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Oct 25 The new name of the building is the Dogan S. Cobb Municipal Center. The building was dedicated as Town Hall in when Cobb was serving on the town council. Cobb was a city councilman for many years and also served as mayor of Bronson.

He left city office in when the state constitution was changed to prevent Floridians from holding more than one office at a time. After retiring as tax assessor inhe ran again for the Bronson Town Council and was elected.

He is a founding member of First Federal Savings and Loan in Bronson and was part of a group that incorporated the Rosemary Cemetery Association in Their philosophy is to restore aging business buildings and make them more profitable. Although Andree chose nearly all the interior and exterior artwork and design for the new look, she said McDonalds wanted the famous yellow "eyebrow" that swooshes across the top of the restaurant's facade.

The complete facelift of the restaurant has increased business. When the Kocians bought the restaurant 35 people worked there. The work force has increased to 50 and they are looking at the possibility of adding five more positions.

The restaurant has added new equipment and the Kocian's are attempting to improve efficiency by reducing the number of steps taken as employees carry out their job responsibilities. Giving the aging restaurant a complete face lift was a risk, but not a gamble, they said. Her husband Ken is a retired New York City police lieutenant. Don Bennick established the dairy 30 years ago and maintains a 4, cow herd of Registered Holsteins that produce close to million gallons of milk annually. Bennick owns about 9, head of cattle on the 2, acre farm, including milk cows, dairy heifers, steers and dry cows.

North Florida Holsteins employs 90 people. He is a hands-on person when it comes to running the dairy and still loves the work. It takes a lot of devotion," he said.

He started his own small herd of cows in junior high school. By the time he graduated from Cornell University with a degree in genetics, physiology and economics, his herd had grown to 20 cows.

He rented a farm with a tie stall barn in his home county. Supported by a small Farmers Home Administration loan and the cattle he already owned, during the next 17 years he accumulated the money necessary to move the herd to Florida in Bennick has led the innovation of dairy cattle comfort with tunnel ventilation to enhance production and herd health.

Bennick practiced law in New York but gave up his partnership in the lucrative firm to take up dairying full- time, according to Chiefland farmer Don Quincey. Quincey said Bennick has been a global force in the dairy industry, taking his expertise in dairy genetics, nutrition, finances and other aspects of dairying to foreign countries.

Locally Bennick is a financial force in the community, buying feed from local farmers, paying taxes and employing 90 people. See Dairy, Page 5 Vol. For more on the celebration, see Page 9.

The headline said, "Defining a New Normal. It's nice when your peers recognize you in this way. It's very flattering. Drummond Community Bank is the highest rated bank in the state. The article noted that the bank is well-capitalized, strong, and has had top ratings every quarter for more than 16 years. Drummond learned many lessons about banking from his grandfather, the late Luther W.

He worked for his grandfather in the bank during summers when he was a young man. Those age-old lessons have led to stability at the bank. Drummond Community Bank, which was started inwas named for his grandfather. One of those lessons is never to take a second mortgage on a property if the bank doesn't have the first mortgage. The first mortgage guarantees the bank retains an asset if the second mortgage is a failure. Another lesson his grandfather taught him is that "bad loans are always made in good times.

In the bank, Drummond has instituted a form of multi-tasking to increase efficiency in these challenging economic times. The employees who make loans, for example, are equipped now to do other tasks. Davis can also open accounts for bank customers.

In the past, those duties were assigned exclusively to certain people. At the Chiefland office, Rosemary McCall opened accounts, "but she has other tasks now," Drummond said.

The bank is growing Freezing Point (Instrumental) while not abandoning time-tested principles. Drummond is innovative in other ways. He is planning to expand the drive-through area at the Chiefland office to five lanes plus an ATM lane.

The lanes will be redesigned. Tellers will stand behind tall vertical windows to give customers a chance to see the tellers at work.

He noted that in many banks drive-thru areas appear to be an afterthought, even though people overwhelmingly prefer to conduct their routine banking business at the drive-thru windows.

Drummond wants the drive-thru to be on equal footing with the inside of the bank and to be as attractive. Luther Drummond was featured in the October edition of Florida Bank- ing magazine. He credits sage advice from his grandfather with the good choices he makes as a banker. Tiquah Cahours, 11, places a decoration on the Cedar Key city Christmas tree as her friends watch.

The tree was donated by Don and Carol Joyce. These were presented earlier in November. As with the earlier awards ceremony, students could be tapped for academics, citizenship or most improved; however, this month students received certificates for academics and citizenship at the presentation held in the school's multipurpose room.

Principal Marla Hiers and assistant principal Angel Thomas hosted the gathering to which the students' parents or guardians were invited. Fifth grade teacher Kathy Brewington had prepared the certificates for the event. The names of the students' teachers are in parentheses. Many of the students'parents and relatives were in attendance. Charlie Watson, the school's technology and lab manager, took a group photo which hangs on the "Wall of Honor" in the school's cafeteria.

Courtesy, Lisa Statham Posteraro Cedar Key lights tree to signal start of Christmas season on the island Story and photo by Terry Witt Staff Writer Cedar Key kicked off the holiday season Friday with the second annual lighting of a cedar Christmas tree at City Park, an event that involves children as much as adults. After the tree's 4, Christmas lights were turned on, the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce let children fasten ornaments to the tree. Cedar Key is named in part for the cedar trees native to the island.

That is why a cedar was chosen as a tree to be decorated with Christmas lights. Local men donated the use of bucket trucks to help string the lights. The community is planning another Christmas event on Dec. A lighted boat parade will take place at as darkness arrives. Santa Clam will be present for the event.

Young said the chamber is establishing a tradition with the lighting of the Christmas tree. He asked for a show of hands to indicate how many of the people present lived on the island and how many were visitors. There were quite a few more visitors than locals. Cedar Key is a tourist destination on the Gulf of Mexico.

Williston Elementary School assistant principal Angel Thomas and principal Maria Hiers stand on either side of the proud group of young people who just received their "Student of the Month" certificates for October. The monthly awards ceremony is usually held the first Friday of the month. Court St. Periodicals postage paid at Bronson, FL. USPS Share the news with a friend or loved one!

You can also visit us at www. I2 Itix. Box Bronson, FL SReproduction of the contents of this publication in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

The paper cannot be respon- sible for any unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. The publisher's liability for an error will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error.

Deadline for all news and advertising copy is 5 p. Classified deadline is noon Friday. Deadline for Letters to the Editor is noon Friday. Letters to the Editor should be words or less. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. Letters must be signed and bear the signature of the author. A small photo gallery included pictures of Cobb serving in World War One photo showed him and another soldier washing out a cooking pot.

Cobb was a cook who served 18 months overseas and was in the thick of the fighting. Longtime friend Frank McKoy remembered playing baseball with Cobb, probably in and McKoy, 77, was still in high school at the time, but the older men including Cobb, allowed McKoy and his brother Clinton to play on their team.

Robbins, former sheriff. Cobb was the second baseman. Cobb was a good second baseman. If the ball came into his area, he got Musica (Deep Swing Jazzy Mix) - Deep Swing & Luis Radio Presents Molù In His African World* - Musica McKoy said.

Bronson, Gulf Hammock, Trenton and Chiefland had baseball teams at the time. The teams played on Sunday afternoon. Deloris Cobb, his wife of 28 years, said she and her husband have been very happy for their entire married life. They have taken many trips together. Cobb served as a deacon at First Baptist for many years but recently retired. His adult children, Mary Bird, Sandra McKoy and Billy Cobb were present for the birthday celebration, along with his 1- year-old great-granddaughter Bailey Bird and her mother Wendy, as well as other relatives.

Billy Cobb still goes next door to his father's home to drink coffee every day. He said his father drives to the Post Office every day and likes to see what is happening at the courthouse. He doesn't drive at night anymore, but does make short daytime trips.

The line of admirers wanting to shake hands and hug Cobb was continuous for more than an hour and included notables from throughout the county. Dogan Cobb is introduced by his pastor, Troy Turner, at the start of the th birthday celebration at First Baptist Church fellowship hall in Bronson. Deloris Joyner, 80, greets her longtime friend Dogan Cobb, She said Dogan Cobb was a childhood playmate of her parents in Otter Creek.

James Beauchamp gives his friend Dogan Cobb a big hug as they exchange greetings. AskAVet Q. My Mini Schnauzer is I11 nonth. A m sale pupp 's stiles are nor, mall in tilhe 1 i This home comes furnished and is only minutes from the Suwannee River and the new boat ramp and County Park. Seller is motivated and willing to look at offers.

Home is in good condition for its age, but needs someTLC. Located in Crestfield Trading Company on 2. Home features a large eat-in kitchen, dining area, living and family rooms, fireplace, split floor plan, utility shed, and attached carport.

Conveniently located to Trenton, Chiefland or Bronson. Close to schools, shopping and recreation. Home is located on a canal that provides easy access to some great fishing in tihe Gulf of Mexico has attached carport, roofover, is furnished, deck, fish cleaning area and more. Well kept home with split floor plan, large living room with fireplace, park-like yard and close to schools and shopping.

Home features a split floor plan, comfortable living room, 1 car carport and storage shed. Property backs up to Manatee State Park and is near the golf course. Home is on. Has new paint inside, and fenced yard. Gulf To Lake Hwy. JfEWS 4 Dec. Leola Williams, age 94, of Cros City, Fla. Williams was born Jan. Phylli: Green. Williams was united in hol matrimony to the late Mr. Woodrov Williams for 40 years.

Williams was preceded in death by her sons, Nathaniel and Robert Campbell and her sister, Christine Green. Funeral services were held Sunday, Nov. Powell officiating. Interment followed at Cross City Cemetery. Christine Lycke of Steinhatchee, Fla. She was A lifelong resident of Steinhatchee, Ms. Lycke attended the Church of God and enjoyed painting, quilting and embroidery. A memorial service will be held Dec. Born in Luraville, Fla. She was a member of Long Pond Baptist Church.

She was a homemaker who loved and enjoyed her family but also worked in the cafeteria at Chiefland High School, served as a school teacher, and worked at Georgia-Pacific Plywood Mill. She enjoyed gardening, crocheting and knitting. Weeks was preceded in death by her husband, Orlando Weeks; three brothers and two sisters.

Young Blvd. Online condolences may be sent through www. Fletcher, age 87, passed away Wednesday, Nov. Frances was born in High Springs, Fla. She moved from St. Pete to Williston inwhere she was a faithful member of the First Baptist Church. She enjoyed crossword puzzles, playing cards, cooking, and crochet.

Fletcher was preceded in death by her loving husband, Arthur Fletcher; her son, Christopher Fletcher; and her granddaughter, Jamie Fletcher. Funeral services followed at 1 p. Interment was held on Nov. Arrangements are under the care of Knauff Funeral Home in Williston. Bub was born in St. Charles, Va. Bub was preceded in death by his father, Thomas, in ; his mother. He married Mildred Nolan in Bub loved all that the small town community had to offer and greatly enjoyed time on the water.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in Mr. She was born in Marvin Community. She lived in Starke, Fla.

While living in Williston, she became a member of the First Baptist Church, was a former Sunday school teacher, a librarian Andy Taylor - Thunder (Cassette, Album) the '60s and '70s, enjoyed gardening, loved to fish and was an avid outdoorsman.

She was preceded in death by her son, Mike Drew, in November, She is survived by her loving husband, James Jim Drew; her son, Anthony Drew Cindy ; five grandchildren; and three great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Nov.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be sent to Haven Hospice N. He was born on Oct. He served in the U. Army during WWII. He retired from working at Kent Feeds as a maintenance man in Bill was preceded in death by his parents. Visitation was held Nov.

Funeral services were held on Dec. Interment followed at Shiloh Cemetery in Sumner, Fla. Post Arrangements are under the care of Knauff Funeral Home-Chiefland.

Ellie was born on Oct. She taught school for most of her life in cities including Sherman, Fla. She enjoyed reading, piano playing, writing children's stories, singing, and visiting with family and friends. She especially enjoyed spending time with children. Porter was preceded in death by her husband, Carl Porter Sr. She is survived by her daughters, Daisy Gleaves and Mary Shearer; nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at Knauff Funeral Home in Williston at 11 a.

The family has requested in lieu of flowers that donations be sent to Haven Hospice N. Chiefland, Fla. Arrangements are under the direction of Knauff Funeral Home in Williston He was Born in Gouverneur, N. Zeller was a roofing contractor in New York, before becoming disabled. He moved to Clearwater, Fla. He enjoyed hunting and fishing and was a Methodist. Funeral services will be held Dec.

Tom Almond officiating. A visitation will be held Dec. Arrangements have been placed under the direction of the Rick Gooding Funeral Home. Cross City. Florida, Fremen moved to Old Town from Gainesville, Fla. She was a real estate broker and salesperson with Dixie Realty for 32 years. Fremen is survived by sons, Michael Fremen of Charleston, S. Funeral services will be held Dec 2, at 3 p. Interment will follow at Long Pond Cemetery. Ricky Kidd won the Intermediate Division 7'" and 81' grade with his speech entitled "Anime.

Ricky's speech informed listeners about anime, an animated style of cartoon originating in Japan. Many kids are familiar with this topic, whereas many adults, as Ricky stated in his speech, get that "glazed.

Ricky's favorite character in the anime world is the guy who gets to be surrounded by - the girls. Her struggle to learn to communicate in her early years was alleviated by the teacher, Annie Sullivan, who helped her break out of her world of silence and darkness.

Blayde actually signed the first words Helen learned, "water" and "earth". The judges'job of determining the winners was made very difficult by the other participants. In the Intermediate division, Faith Ann McClellan's speech, "Tubing on the Suwannee" placed second, and Mykenzi Goolsby's speech about her cousin Cory, a member of the military deployed to Afghanistan placed third.

Second place in the 61' ' grade division went to Caleb Hardee who spoke on the animal hero, Balto. Stacy Webster placed third with his speech on "Changes in my Life". Other speech contestants were: 8"' graders Kira Telgen, Kasidy --s i. A heavy New England accent filters through discussions about writing and family, about living and knitting.

But if you want to find out where her heart is, just read her books. As it turns out, DuLong, born and raised in the Boston area, and a former resident of Paris, has fallen hard for Cedar Key. Levy County's island community is the setting for 's "Spinning Forward," as well as the followup "Casting About," released last month. It was a move that initially presented minor inconveniences, and required some research in order to adjust. But the allure of Cedar Key, where peace and tranquility are the norm, was just too much to resist.

If you really make an effort, the people are so friendly. They kinda adopted me. It is really great. I love it. The mother-daughter relationship provides the main storyline and subplots involving friends and family members, both living and having passed away, evolve nicely throughout.

But it is perhaps the Cedar Key community itself that makes both "Casting Away" and "Spinning Forward" tick, serving as not only the setting, but a living and breathing character as well.

DuLong writes in her acknowledgments for the initial book that the island has inspired her from the beginning. I was inspired by their strength, their compassion for neighbors, and their love for family. Without them, my story wouldn't have been possible She takes refuge with an old college pal at her Cedar Key bed and breakfast, and a love story soon begins to One Good Friend - Roger Tillison - Roger Tillisons Album (Vinyl, LP, Album). A fourth novel is due out inDuLong said.

Al1 Moher M. Fonous MD. Main St. Suite 6, Chiefland, FL www. The study and Bennick's own high-powered intellect. Bennick realized that comfortable and happy cows would eat better and produce more milk. He's a guy of integrity. If he tells you something, you can take it to privileged to the bank," Quincey said. The farm has World D developed more than cows classified dairy meetir as excellent Sick Of O.J. - Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson (Vinyl) consistently ranks on genetics ar cooperative quality honor rolls and receives available.

Along with Bennick's award, three other dairy winners were recognized. Bennick said he feels o be in their company as an er. I don't know ected me," Bennick said with a certainlyy feel honored. Free Money You get a nickel back every time you use your SunState Visa debit card for a signature transaction. Gilchrist or Levy County. Brock John H. Gregory Robert Roland, 54, N. Both sales took place on 12'1 Avenue within 1, feet of Mt. Erie Baptist Church at N. Samantha Carol Sears, 27, E. Hathaway Road, Bronson, expired tag.

Curtis Callen Smith, 61, N. Constance Sue Squire, 60, N. Florida Highway Patrol arrest. Bennie Orval Thomas. Michelle L. Hewitt Ralph Watkins, Rebecca Lee Watts.

Park Ave. Brandon Michael Yurack, 18, Ocala. Williston Police Department arrest. Guy Robert, 41, Sarasota, driving with license suspended or revoked. Richard T. Brooks, 66, N. Marcus K. Chever, 28, N. Hold for Marion County - failure to appear on charge of driving with license suspended or revoked. Kenneth William Colon, 22, S. Cedar Key Police arrest. Terri Ann Harris, 38, N. Jamie Lee Hemphill, 32, 31 N. Williston Arms Drive, Williston, domestic battery. Kenyatta Daron Howard, 35, Melrose, Fla.

Cedar Key Police Department arrest. James Walter Hunter, 24, "' Court, Inglis, driving under the influence. Inglis Police Department arrest. Miranda Lee McClain. State Road 24, Bronson, retail theft. Chiefland Police Department arrest. Jenette Nichole Paulk, 25, N.

Kevin Delroy Renfroe, 28, N. Petersburg, writ of bodily attachment child support. William Addison, 56, N. Jeffrey Cunigan, 21, N. Kyle S. Donnelly, 23, N. William Grady Fortner, 38, N. Georgia Ann Hamilton, 27, Ocala, driving under the influence with property damage, driving with license suspended or revoked. Youd Be So Nice - Various - Jazz Stars - 14 Giant Jazz Hits (CD) Lakeesha Haynes, 21, N.

Matthew Carl Huston, 22, N. No bond. Jane Rusby Keene, 59, N. Chester Thourton Kendall, 32, Cobb St. Juan Lopez, 39, Williston, no driver license, refused breathalyzer, driving under the influence. Illya S. Monroe, 41, N. Hold for Marion County active warrant. Levy deputy forced to disarm man By Terry Witt Staff Writer A man carrying a concealed pistol in his back pants pocket pulled the gun on a Levy County sheriff's deputy in the parking lot ofa convenience store near Bronson Saturday and had to be disarmed.

The sheriff's office said Jimmy Clint Saunders, 69, of N. Todd Houchin was responding to a different problem in the parking lot of Discount Food Mart at N. State Road 24 across the highway from Bronson Speedway when he was approached by Saunders. Saunders wanted to know why Houchin was at the store and who had called law enforcement on him. Houchin told Saunders he was responding to a different call but would gladly help him if he needed assistance.

Houchin said Saunders' behavior became more bizarre as he began speaking Sick Of O.J. - Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson (Vinyl) and French. Due to his behavior, Houchin asked for identification. Saunders produced a Florida driver's license. Saunders wasn't wanted by law enforcement. Houchin gave him back his license and told him he was free to leave. Houchin worked the original call, but noticed Saunders still in the parking lot. When Houchin walked back to his patrol car Saunders stepped into his path and produced a Florida concealed firearm permit.

Saunders said Ilouchin was pulling his chain, so he was going to yank the officer's chain. Saunders reached into his rear pants pocket and began to pull something out.


Sem Essa No. 5 - Jorge Ben - Salve Jorge! Inéditas E Raridades (CD), Igotcha - Various - Mestizo Presents: Muerte Por Vida (CDr), All Of Us Will Fly, Teeter Totter Love, The Bed - Lou Reed - Berlin (Vinyl, LP, Album), Black Metal - Venom (8) - The Book Of Armageddon (Cassette), That Summer - Spectrum (23) - New Country Hits (CD, Album), Tico Tico - Alfredo Mendez - Fiesta For Pipe Organ (Vinyl, LP, Album)


  1. What happens after the rape is a scenario Americans are familiar with and witnessed in the O.J. and Kennedy-Smith cases. The sham trial begins with the rapists appearing to be clean cut, boy next door types in court. Then the brilliant defense attorney destroys the prosecution with a Reviews:
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  3. Cobb was honored in July when the Town of Bronson renamed the year-old Bronson Town Hall after him. The new name of the building is the Dogan S. Cobb Municipal Center. The building was dedicated as Town Hall in when Cobb was serving on the town council. Cobb was a city councilman for many years and also served as mayor of Bronson.
  4. INFO: An all-out comprehensive assault on the cranium, spine, flesh and spirit as power-violent shred spazztronauts CHARLES BRONSON unleash every fucking thing they've ever fucking done. Disc one gets you all of their excrutiating demo, singles, splits, compilation, EP, and who-knows-what-else tracks (ninety-six in all), all done in.
  5. Bronson woman does good A former resident of Bronson has been accepted into the Graduate Progam at the University of Florida's College of Education, School of Teaching and Learning. Read all about her outstanding accomplishment, Page 7A. Malkin is talking' Once again, Michelle Malkin has written about Barack Obama's shady relationships. Feel.
  6. sun photo by o.j. early The Greene County Election Commission office, at N. Main St., is the place to go for early voting in elections. tion on the first Thursday in August in even-numbered years.
  7. Jul 11,  · Charles Bronson was a hardcore/thrash band from Dekalb, Illinois. Sick of O.J. Chicago Bible Thumpers Go To Hell Irrigation Security Blanket CA, the band existed from to , releasing many vinyl records on DIY-punk labels from around the world. In addition, MITB exist as a nucleus around which many prominent.
  8. Get all the lyrics to songs on Charles Bronson and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.

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