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Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD)
Label: Jinx Records - JX01CD,BMG - 790115 81012 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Belgium • Genre: Electronic • Style: Trance, Hard Trance

The titan froze, crap… I forgot about that. Well… I do need some… so… "Sounds like fun… wait… I don't have anything to wear on the date…". C'mon, lets go find ya something.

The two girls walked through the mall arm in arm. Raven was afraid of crowds, so was holding the other girl extremely close, lest they get separated. Jinx hauled ass up the stairs, while raven who was significantly less hyper, took the elevator to her room to deposit her new stuff.

After putting her new clothes in her closet, she went over to jinx's room, wondering what she was up to. She opened the door and walked in, the girl was sprawled out on her bed face down, with the blinds to the sunroof open, lazily bathing in the light. Raven grinned and snuck over to the bed, the former thief was still unaware of her presence.

She jumped on the bed, landing next to the girl, who didn't move a muscle. The pink haired girl turned her head, just then noticing the other girl. I really need to relax, " The girl asked hopefully.

Raven left for her room. Entering, she went to her closet, and pulled out her one bathing suit, a black bikini. She'd never used it before, so the tags were still attached. Raven grimaced as she eyed herself in a mirror. Her suit had fit, but… it was a bit to revealing for her tastes. The bottoms still fit within reason, but her bust was a bit to large for the top.

She sighed, grabbing a cape and covering herself, she left for jinx's room. She stopped in the hall as she saw the other girls door open. Jinx walked out in a hot pink one piece. She looked at raven, confused. She had seen the other girl nude once before, but from the back. She was curious what the dark haired girl looked like. The titan looked away, "I… I just-"she froze as the other girl stepped forward and pulled her into an embrace.

Don't let anyone tell you anything else, cause if they do, I'd have to make them pay. Raven blushed. Being in such close proximity to the barely clothed girl was too much for her to handle. And her saying such sweet things wasn't helping with the girls self control. The empath's eyes started watering, "Jinx, I-", she was effectively silenced when she felt indescribably soft lips firmly press onto her own.

She relaxed and leaned into the delightful contact, before pulling away breathless. She wrapped her arms around the other girls neck, her hands dangling near a very sensitive part of the other girls anatomy. Raven frowned, "You know at least three of those. As for the rest… we'll tell all of them, when they're distracted, that we're together, in the kitchen. The empath chuckled, "You're such a spazz. Both the girl staggered towards the kitchen, and could already hear the other titans.

Mainly beast boy and Cyborg arguing over dinner. A topic that constantly spawned conflict. Beast boy, having followed cyborgs' lead, bolted out of the room. He had been Inadaptats - X (CD, Album) the 'lovers' like the plaque since he supposedly 'caught them in the act', for reasons that were unknown to the people in question.

Now just Cyborg, Starfire, and the jackass remained. All of them locked on the embracing girls. Raven looked over her shoulder at jinx and shrugged. She cleared her throat, And looked back at the three confused teens. There was no response, save the tamaranian, who's smile threatened to tear a hole in the fabric of reality.

Robins mask fell slightly askew, and cyborgs mechanical eye rapidly blinked on and off. Raven tensed and looked back at the still maniacally grinning girl with an 'I can't believe you just said that! She quickly glanced back at the titans to assess the damage. Raven looked from person to person, Starfire was ecstatic, Robin was… something, she couldn't tell since the mask pretty much hid any expression, but from the look of his mouth, he was pissed off.

Lastly, Cyborg could have been jinx in a robot costume. Well… half robot costume. Jinx sneered and nodded ominously over the empath's shoulder, removing her arms from the girl, and That river aint for swimming - Brown Spirits - Brown Spirits (Vinyl, LP) various indecent gestures that the others assumed to be sexual innuendos.

Starfire grabbed them both in a death hug, "Congratulations friends, I wish you much happiness! Jinx grabbed the girl by the shoulders, spun her around, and leaned in, trapping the other girl an a passionate kiss. Raven melted, her anger evaporating. Her entire body tingled as she felt a velvety smooth tongue meet her own.

She moaned into the other girls' mouth as she pulled her tightly against her body. They slowly pulled away, a blush apparent on both of them. The lovers strolled through the tower, hand in hand, looking for the tin man. Raven wanted to gauge their personal reactions, and make sure they were each ok that they were together. Jinx was just happy to spend some time with her significant other. However, the opinions of the other titans wouldn't matter to either of the girls, though jinx would be more open of her apathy.

They approached cyborgs room, and jinx rather unsubtly tried to kick the door in, only to remember it slid open, and planted her food firmly back on terra firma and pulled it open. The hulking teen was sitting in a chair he miraculously managed to fit in, and was madly typing away on one of his many computers.

He sat straight up in his seat and coughed, he looked over at the girls, too involved to have heard their entrance. He covered the screen. Yeh make a cute couple. Raven scowled, looking between the two, "Jesus, you two are like a couple of old men!

She muttered her goodbyes as the door slammed shut. Jinx quickly popped her head back in the door, "And don't forget to eat, need to get some meat on them bones", she escaped before he could respond. Raven playfully pinched the other girls' shapely rear, "Yes. Don't worry about it, there's nothing he can say or do that'll change the way I feel about you, K?

I don't want a thief in the Fera Ferida - Various - Fera Ferida (Trilha Sonora Da Novela) (Cassette). He glared daggers at the pink haired girl, "Do what you want, Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD).

The two girls padded into the kitchen, Starfire was watching beast boy play video games. The player bolted as soon as he saw them enter. Starfire curiously observed the green boy as he fled from the scene.

The two girls smiled, "Thanks star", jinx walked forward and embraced the alien girl. The empath did the same. Starfire returned the gesture with as much self-control as possible, still getting them both in a death grip. Beast boy spun around in his chair, facing the girls. The lovebirds had gotten up amazingly early considering their usual schedule.

Around seven. The other titans had gotten up slightly before them, and were lounging about while waiting for breakfast. He managed a competent sentence, "No, no meat. She looked over at raven. Several minutes later, raven walked over to the pink haired girl and dropped the plate in front of her. They froze. Slowly pulling apart, they looked over at the green boy. He was attempting to hide something behind his back.

Raven looked over the shapeshifters shoulder, apparently, the boy wonder had just arrived, seeing as he had just entered through the door. Robin scanned the room, stopping to give jinx a dirty look.

The Storming With Menace - Kreator - Terrible Certainty (Vinyl, LP, Album) haired girl caught his… mask.

Confusion ebbed away as he realized what her look was for ; he'd been trying to grow a goatee. He smirked. Beast boy gaped at raven's amusement. He had never gotten so much as a smile out of the stoic girl, and had been trying for much longer. And that aside, she had never laughed at anything, ever. The dark titans laughter died down, and she softly kissed the other girl's neck. The only reason she was even there was because she didn't want the other girl to go alone.

Raven pulled the other girl closer as a particularly creepy individual slithered past her. Wheezing out puffs of smoke with each step, though he had no cigarette clamped in the putrid vice that was his mouth.

She assumed he had "accidentally" inhaled it, which was actually a more efficient way of acquiring lung cancer. She got as close as possible to the other girl and whispered into her ear, "Why did he drag us here?

Jinx looked around quickly before leaning in to the other girl's ear. The titan listened attentively, and almost jumped as she blew in her ear. Jinx chuckled at the slightly startled girl before telling her why they were in that hellhole called a shopping center. She turned her head to look at him. He was holding several bamboo sticks, god knows where he found them, though the pink haired girl had a theory.

She eyed them curiously. His anger sprouted wings among other things and took to the sky. His mouth contorted into a scowl. A scowling scowl with little scowl children feeding on other smaller, weaker scowls. The scowl is not a nice expression, no.

It's vicious. Robin changed the subject. Lets go. Raven lifted her head off the other girl and looked at her with a smile. Drawing many stared from the surrounding patrons. Seconds later she pulled away with a blush. Realizing where she was. She sheepishly looked around at the gaping people, not sure what to say. Jinx saved the day, as she gave the crowd the finger, and pulled the empath away from the scene, laughing madly all the way.

Raven was straddling the other girl on the black couch, her head was lying on the other girls chest, which in her opinion, made the most comfortable pillows ever. She sighed. She rubbed her face into the other girls endowments.

It may have turned into a series of linked one shots… Tell me if you like it, or if you want me to get back to the story, cause I will listen. I have a plot in mind, but it's kinda hazy. Anyways, tell me whatcha want, or if it was good even. In conclusion, I think it may switch back and forth between chapters, and again, sorry bout the length, but I'm so god damn impatient, I want to get some input on this before I continue… or something.

This wonderful feeling, somehow makes me nervous. It makes me sad, when I wonder how long, this feeling will last…. Raven and jinx were curled up in the pink haired girls bed, as they had been for a while. For "some reason", the empath was unable to get some rest in her own room.

Pink eyes blinked lazily open. She was completely immobilized, the other girl was firmly and securely fastened. The arms around her neck barred upward escape, and the legs entwined with her own prevented sliding out. Still, why would she want to get up? Raven adjusted her head in her sleep, her hair now out of her face. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled a sleepy smile.

Warm light poured in the room and warmed the girls to the bone. The empath sighed and pulled the other girl closer. Ending on top of the pile, she got to her feet and helped the now wide awake girl up.

Raven removed her frown and walked over to the door, heading for her room. She did, after all, need a change of clothes. While padding down the hall she encountered beast boy, who was giving her a very strange look. She eyed him curiously. He recovered and violently looked up at the ceiling, "Sweet! Ok… she looks kind of angry, only one thing left to do. He turned to run, but froze as he heard the empath reply.

He reanimated, he recognized that voice and was relieved that there was a witness to his murder. He turned around to face his them and sighed. Raven was significantly less pissed, and the girl wrapped around her looked genuinely interested.

He feared that lying would mean an unholy death, and rather wisely explained the situation. The green boy fell to his knees. Raven instantly lost her anger, though she would never admit it. Jinx however, squeezed the girl in her grasp tighter. The pink haired girl remembered something and pointed accusingly at the animal, "You have to give me that picture-" She playfully poked the other girl in the ribs, "I think she was smiling!

She valiantly gestured to the boys room and hauled the other girl towards it, the now human shapeshifter following close behind them. How can you live here? Sure, she wasn't all that clean either, but this was just… just… eww. She eyed the various articles that littered the floor, and somehow Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD).

The computer was most likely nearby. He turned on the monitor and opened a web page to He beckoned the waiting girls over. They stepped precisely in the boys footprints.

Beast boys Site had been fairly decent, the lad was still alive, and thanking his merciful gods that he still had all his limbs. Jinx and Raven were out Absolute - Various - Gerard Ekdom Presenteert Arbeidsvitaminen (CD) the roof watching the sunset.

It had been the titans' idea. The former thief wasn't one for the sentimental, normally. But this was a different story, and she appreciated it, she appreciated the hell out of it. Watching with her seemed like a fantastic way to spend time. It was fairly gusty, considering it was winter, that was no surprise, the thief pulled the other girl closer, resting her chin on the girl's shoulder.

Raven flipped over and wrapped her arms around the other girls' neck, gently pulling her to the pavement beneath them. She nuzzled her cheek into the girls' chest. Raven snuggled closer into the girl and turned her head. She listened to the girls' steady heartbeat. The sound was so relaxing, that consistent th- thump… th -thump. Raven and Jinx had once again gotten up absurdly early.

Both were patiently waiting to be served pancakes from the mechanical man, who was currently donning a pink frilled apron, and prancing around the kitchen.

The plate was suddenly surrounded in darkness, then slowly fell in front of the girls. The pink haired girl was just about to fork the topmost pancake, which everyone knew was the best, however, mid-stab robin morphed into the room.

Be nice now. It was technically a request, but to him, was a demand. He knew better than to piss of the empath that was currently giving him the stink eye, and returned the thief's gesture. He heard the voice again. He sighed inwardly and budged over to his usual seat at the table.

Which happened to be across from his current least favorite person. The awkward eating commenced. The boy wonder was first to excuse himself. Right when he got up Cyborg sat down, in his seat.

He eyed the teen for a second before stalking away. He stopped and turned on his heels. He frowned. Very sticky. He noted this, and walked away. His irrational hatred for the girl slightly diminished. Jinx quickly looked at the titan next to her, soon as robin left the room, an expectant smile on her face. Deal's a deal, what are we doing? The girls stood in front of the Go cinema.

Jinx was pleased that she had finally Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD) the titan to agree on seeing the movie she desperately wanted to see. The Princess Bride. They were both dressed by the former thief, part of her deal.

Raven was irritated at her wardrobe. The empath looked down at her clothes. Black shoes, blue jeans, and an uncomfortably tight white long sleeve shirt. She thanked her various gods that she was wearing an undershirt. She looked over at the pink haired girl with a smirk. She donned pink boots, pink miniskirt, and guess what, a pink shirt. Her hair was down, as it had been for a long time. The thief didn't respond, raven continued to look at the girl, who was intently staring at her chest.

Raven squinted, "Effort. Well, lets go. The movie had gone well, raven had actually enjoyed it, though she would never admit to liking something so childish. Jinx Insane In The Brain (Da Funky Chunky Mix) - Jason Nevins vs.

Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (Vin stop fidgeting from the horrible seating, so was "forced" to sit in the other girls lap… her very comfortable lap.

The girls were curled up in the empaths' bed. They had spent every night in jinx's, and raven was coming to miss her room. A content smile formed on the psions' lips as she felt warm somethings press onto her back. Every day had been heaven for the normally downtrodden girl. Who knew love could change someone so dramatically? She felt a moan crawl up her throat as a hand trailed up her tone stomach and gently cup her breast.

Jinx froze, the bed had suddenly turned… well… painful. She turned her head to look at the ground, and was met with rock. Solid rock. She released the other girls something from her hold and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. Raven sighed and blandly looked around, she knew where they were, just… not how they got there.

This was an unusual occurrence… very unusual, considering it had never happened before. But, a lot of things were unusual around the empath. The pink haired girl had unfortunately… "Stumbled" into raven's mirror. This dreary place was all to familiar. How the hell did we get… here? Raven sighed, the obvious way to find out was exactly what she didn't want to do.

Her emotions were a bit on the… blunt, side. Conversation wise. And she didn't want to startle the other girl with some strange dialogue. But, she was curious, and dear god! It was her mind after all. The empath sighed. It's going to be a long day… "No… not the birds, the people. Jinx took the hint, she released the other girl and got up, then helped the grounded girl to her feet. She spun in a circle, hoping to find intelligent life before the other girl. She was confused.

Glowing pink eyes rapidly looked around, and widened. Every direction was the same, the same path, the same bleak sky, the same indignant birds madly cawing at her, the same brilliant red eyes that seemed to see right through her. She felt a chill crawl up her spine, and quickly grabbed the other girl and firmly shut her eyes. She was met with a familiar face. She blushed. Raven reached out and turned the other girls head. She passionately kissed the other girl, who physically relaxed in her arms.

After what seemed an eternity, she slowly pulled away. She took the other girls hand and started down the stony road. She looked over and smiled at the other girl, who returned her gaze. She didn't want to badger her lover either.

Being that choices will then be based on the greater and more beneficial outcome, as well as there being be no reason not to make that choice without interference of irrational thought, emotions. My unconscious mind is… rather intelligent. It found no reason to make many paths when I would obviously take the best, which would consistently be the best and therefore, only possible path I would take.

Raven tugged the other girls hand and started towards a cloaked figure who was sprawled out on the ground in the traditional 'jumping jack' position. Raven deadpanned at the pink cape.

Thankfully, the girl in question was still unaware of her presence. She could still sneak away and. She gave the empath a thumbs up as the yellow raven looked up from her book. Ravens eye twitched. Knowledge had always been irritating.

She tended to jump around a question until it became incredibly specific. Raven fumed. The girl was so frustrating. Her anger dissipated as she felt lips press against hers. The pink haired girl pulled away smiling. Jinx grinned and stepped towards the girl, who was sitting on a rather large rock. She opened her mouth to say something, but instead, darted forward and snatched the book from the girl. She glanced over at knowledge. The cloaked figure once again held the book.

She leered at the girl. Waving the tome around mockingly. The empath grabbed the still frustrated girl and started towards a massive structure in the distance. She jerked her head upwards, the wall seemed to be infinitely tall, looming over her. She looked back over at raven.

She walked towards the immense partition but stopped when she felt the other girl stop. She turned her head to look back at her. Jinx shut them. She felt an arm wrap around her waist.

She was gently pulled forwards. She felt a chill, as she walked what seemed like mist, dense, freezing. It only lasted a moment. She opened her eyes. There was an opening before her. She looked back over her shoulder. The wall was now behind her. She eyed it curiously before returning her gaze ahead of her.

She was caught by the other girl, quite easily, as they were already holding each other. She followed suit. She now saw a grey cloaked figure face down, flat on the ground. The girl looked over at raven, she relaxed when she saw the blue cape, but quickly looked away when she noticed her host wasn't alone. Raven raised a brow at the girl reaction and looked over to her right. Oh… "She's with me. The girl sighed from the ground, raising a small cloud of dust. Jinx walked over and offered the girl a hand, timid flinched.

The cloaked girl slowly opened her eyes and looked up. The grey cloaked girl cautiously extended an arm, and lightly touched the other girls hand. She was gently pulled to her feet. Timids' eyes widened as she got a closer view of the girl. She smiled and hugged the pink haired girl.

She had a valid point, they were essentially stuck until they figured out how they got there. Timid 'eeped' and pulled away from the girl. Phasing directly through it. The girl had just reached the end of the maze. Much to the former thief's relief, being in such an enclosed space had started to get to her. Her 'this is creepy 'o meter' had gone off numerous times. Arms that did not belong to raven, seeing as she was currently holding her hand. Raven look over as she heard the girls scream.

She grimaced when she saw with a figure in a brilliant red cloak hugging her girl. The girl smiled slyly, "Now she's a forbidden fruit, I must have her! However, she stopped as she felt a finger press on her lips. I guess I'll have to show you. Lust extended the girls hands and walked forward.

Eventually coming into contact with very sensitive parts of the empaths' anatomy. Jinxs' grin took on another dimension when she had a brilliant and indecent idea. Jinx and raven padded down the hall, both wearing turtlenecks and blushing furiously.

Mostly raven. They turned the corner and instantly, had four pairs of eyes locked on them. They had after all, made quite a racket. The green lad was the first to break the silence.

Starfire and the green lad however, were confused. Beast boy, was too young. The tamaranian was from another planet, understandable. Starfire threatened to rip her face apart with her smile, the shapeshifter however, shrugged and went back to his cereal. The alien flew out of her seat and crushed the lovers in a vice-like hug.

Jinx turned her head and grinned at the other girl, before getting in a morning kiss. She whispered into her ear. She thrashed violently at the heavy shackles that bound her limbs.

The water around her chilled her to the bone, she struggled and struggled as her life slowly bubbled to the surface. She pulled at the chains on her arms, praying they would snap, praying dear god that they would be torn apart from her attempts to break loose.

She opened her eyes and through the burning pain she looked at her cuffs, thick, solid, unforgiving. She couldn't break them, she had no hope to. Location: optional. Example: "Emeryville, CA". Email address: optional. Review Guidelines Explain exactly why you liked or disliked the product. Do you like the artist? Is the transcription accurate? Is it a good teaching tool?

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Read our Privacy Policy. Close X Learn about MP3s. Right down to the same sparkling blueish green eyes and fair skin tone. Just as Jude and Ty were finishing their exchange, the third boy reached them who looked identical to the other two. You were just supposed to go to the park and back for the leaves! And you know you can't have any friends over to play until after classes are done. Jude smiled. These are the guys who helped me yesterday. This is Lance, and that is Brent, and this little guy here is Greg.

I'll tell you when we get back to the house. Seeing this, Lance quickly walked up and scooped Greg into his arms as all the boys continued walking toward the triplet's house. Jude giggled. Ty wears red, Phil likes green, and as you can probably guess, I like yellow. Greg nodded as he rested his head on Lance's shoulder. Oh cool! Is that your house?

Phil glanced back toward Greg and noticed he was looking in the exact opposite direction of where their house was. He's not even looking. Is he okay? Both Brent Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Paper Lace - Paper Lace (Vinyl, LP, Album) Lance were slightly surprised as they walked up to the slightly run down, 2 story house.

Before they reached the screened porch, they saw several bikes in the front yard along with two Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD), a scooter, a pair of roller blades, and a seriously rusting wagon. Although the outside of the house was a bit surprising, nothing could have prepared either boy for what they saw inside.

As they stepped through the screened porch and into the living room of the house, they saw several other boys running around. Two boys were sitting at a coffee table in the living room scribbling notes onto a paper as they each stole occasional glances at a book they shared, another boy ran into what seemed to be a kitchen, as another boy ran out from the kitchen and up a flight of stairs.

All the boys looked almost the same. Ty burst out in a fit of laughter at the sight of Lance's expression as Jude giggled and Phil smiled very broadly. Finally Jude filled the boys in on their secret. Three sets of triplets if you can believe it. Even Phil was caught giggling a little.

That's Luke in the kitchen looking at us with that goofy look, he's 12, his triplet Carol you saw running up stairs when we walked in, and his other triplet Matt is at music lessons, but should be home shortly. Ty looked over toward Greg with concern and then started to run upstairs. Jude nodded. Brent and Lance followed Jude as he led them through the kitchen and into a back room that opened up into a very nice looking bedroom.

Before Lance was able to finish laying Greg down on the bed, Ty had bolted back into the room and placed two pills into Jude's hands. Jude lifted one of Greg's hands with one hand, and placed one pill in it with his other.

Just put it in your mouth and let it start to dissolve, and after a few minutes you can chew it up if you want. It has a cool grape flavor, so I think you will like it. Here is another one, go ahead and eat this one as soon as you finish the first one, then try to take a nap for a bit. A faint sound of a door closing could be heard as Ty jumped up and darted out of the room. The two boys made it into the living room just fast enough to see one of the older triplets, most likely Matt, come through the screen door holding a trumpet case and running upstairs.

Following directly behind him was a rather tall woman at least 6' 2" that had rather short curly platinum blond hair holding a bag of groceries.

She had to be at least in her mid to late 30's. The type of tone that dared you not to argue back, which only mothers seemed to know how to do. Come on, we need to leave for your group soon.

Greg has a real bad headache and is resting in your room. The woman stopped briefly to look at Jude and then started taking out stuff from the bag and putting it in the refrigerator.

I bought a bunch of fresh cold cuts and got more pickles so you guys can make sandwiches for lunch! Jude's mother stopped as she seemed to notice two new boys that did not belong to her standing in the kitchen. Both boys nodded as Brent was the first to speak up. I'm Brent and this is Lance. We don't want to be any trouble for you here, so we can get going. You are both welcome to call me Mary.

Also, Jude told me how you helped him out yesterday, so both of you plop yourselves down right here until your friend is feeling better. Mary stood back up and quickly rushed into the living room where she picked up the sheets of paper that Max and Cory were working on. Max, when you get done remember you have math Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD) yesterday to finish up. Cory, you have that book report to finish, and you need to get that poster done before I pick you up at 4pm to go to the booster club.

Mary grabbed the folder and quickly looked inside. After a few moments, her face became very stern. Luke Cameron Von Schuyler! How do you expect group to help you at all if you don't write down what really happens?

Mary quickly gave the folder back to Luke, and then briskly walked out the door. Luke seemed to have a lost expression on his face for a few moments, but soon followed after his mom. After the door to the house was closed, Brent looked over toward Jude.

Brent and Lance watched intensely as a series of colors slowly started to appear on a white piece of filter paper that had its bottom portion submerged in a small tray of alcohol. First we take a sheet of filter paper. Then we take a coin and start rubbing the leaf onto the paper like this. You have to rub pretty hard sometimes. We are trying to get a line of rubbed off leaf just like that. And now all we have to do is stick the bottom part of the paper into the tray of alcohol like this, and wait about 15 to 20 minutes and the paper will start to suck up the alcohol and will carry the leaf colors up.

Brent nodded his head in understanding. You do all this stuff because your home-schooled? Mom says we are really Little Miss Cant Be Wrong - Spin Doctors - Just Go Ahead Now: A Retrospective (CD) or something, so we are able to go a lot faster than normal kids.

If I went to public school I would be in the second grade right now, but here I'm doing forth grade work. I wish I could do that. I'm going to go check in on Greg, and then it will be lunch time.

You two could try doing these after lunch if you want. Jude quietly walked into the bedroom where Greg was resting. As soon as he got half-way between the door and the bed, Greg rolled over on his back and opened his eyes slightly. Greg sat up holding onto his head. Everything is really cloudy and confusing.

Jude put one of his hands on Greg's head to see if he had a temperature. As soon as he touched his head, Greg flinched a little, and opened his eyes up wider, which caused Jude to pull his hand away quickly. It's probably the same problem I have. All of my other brothers are able to do this mind thing where they can talk to each other in their heads.

They call it the triplet network, but I can never seem to be able to get it to work. Jude quickly tried to find something else in the room to look at, and decided to settle on the window. Now just concentrate on me in your head.

Only let yourself see out of my eyes, and ignore all the background noise. Jude looked back toward Greg to show that he was no longer touching him. Maybe you would like to concentrate on coming out to the kitchen for some lunch before Jude's brothers eat everything up. As soon as Brent saw Lance enter the kitchen, he quickly waved him over. Lance could already smell the fresh meats and bread that Mary had brought the boys earlier that day, so he didn't need any additional convincing.

Within moments he was at Brent's side grabbing for the various supplies needed to make his ham, turkey and cheese sandwich complete with pickles, mustard, mayo and jelly. Jude made Greg a ham and cheese sandwich with just butter and then made a turkey sandwich for himself complete with all the trimmings.

By the time lunch was over, there was not a piece of meat or bread to be found in the entire kitchen, other than the crumbs that had fallen to the floor. A few of the boys grudgingly stayed behind after lunch to start cleaning up the kitchen as the rest of the boys went off to do other things.

Apparently there was a small clipboard hanging on the side of the refrigerator that no-one dared not follow when it came to seeing who was assigned to what chores.

After Brent, Lance and Greg finished helping Jude with his science lab, Brent asked if he could use the computer to do a little online research of his own. Carol, one of the 12 year old triplets, was more than happy to help Brent get setup on End Of The Line (Live) computer while Lance and Greg went with Jude to start on some math work.

Brent leaned back and sighed at the feeling of his friend's presence. Umm… I was just trying to do a bit of research on that Safe Haven act you were talking about earlier. It looks like it is something that Starfleet created a few years ago to be able to quickly get kids out of dangerous or abusive situations when local governments are not able to move fast enough. So it doesn't look like that would apply to us.

Brent rolled his eyes. They are called Clan Short and I guess they help out a lot of kids and stuff. They use to live right here in Des Moines, but I think they have moved or are planning on moving somewhere else. Brent was about to continue to share some of the other information he had found when he felt something move in his pants which caused him to blush a little. Lance let go of Brent and sat down on the bed next to where he was sitting with a hurt expression on his face.

Brent looked over at his friend and sighed. It's just, I didn't know what you were doing and it was making me feel kinda weird inside and I was trying to find stuff that might help us stay together and I'm sorry. Lance looked up toward Brent. I guess I shouldn't have been doing that when you were trying to concentrate. It's just we really haven't had much time alone together and I don't know.

Brent finished explaining about some of the other information he found out about Clan Short, as well as a new Starfleet department called FYS Federation Youth Servicesand about the director of this new division, Terri Short, who was also somehow connected to Clan Short. Both boys agreed that they should probably try calling her at some point. Gerlemadár Szerelmével (I Loved Thee With A Doves Heart) (Felsőtök, Búza) Brent had a chance to continue his research, Max came in and had to use the computer to finish an assignment before his mom returned home, so Brent and Lance headed back downstairs to check on Greg.

Within a few minutes, they found Greg securely attached to Jude, who was trying to explain to him what fractions were. Over the next few hours, Brent and Lance watched some TV, and also helped Ty and Phil when they went to the back to do the same science lab that Jude had done before lunch. Greg remained glued to Jude regardless of what he was working on, and Jude seemed to take extra Cosina (Original Club Mix) to try to explain all of the subjects he was working on in terms that Greg could understand.

Around 3pm, Brent and Lance decided that it was probably best that they continued on their journey before it started to get too late. Can't I stay with Jude a little longer? All four boys jumped as Jude's mom went running through the living room shouting on her way to the kitchen. Get yourself changed for gymnastics and drag your butt to the car! We are going to be late! Roe, one of the 10 year old triplets, came running down in a pair of gym shorts and a very tight elastic shirt.

Mary stopped briefly to look at Jude, before continuing to walk back through the living room. Before Jude could agree, Mary was already out of the door and running The Clash / Big Audio Dynamite II - Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Rush (Vinyl) her car where Roe was already sitting pulling a looser shirt on over his elastic shirt.

Jude walked Totally Freaked Out - Various - Jinx - The Compilation (CD) over to take Greg's hand as he noticed the shocked expressions on Brent and Lance's faces. Greg started nodding his head up and down enthusiastically which caused the other boys to giggle. Shortly thereafter, all four boys headed out of the house, and down the street toward the south side of town.

The boys walked the first 10 minutes in silence. Brent and Lance were walking next to each other in front, with Jude and Greg following behind.

Greg had a very tight grip on Jude's arm as he worked on orienting himself from Jude's point of view. Brent nodded. You remember back when we met in the park, Greg mentioned we were running away?

Jude thought to himself for a few moments before answering. I just figured it had to be something pretty important for you to be bringing Greg with you. But last night there was a big fire and the place burnt down. Then this morning we found out that without asking any of us, they were going to transfer Greg to a home in Newton and Lance to a home in Boone. Lance continued where Brent left off. And I couldn't stand being so far from Brent or from Greg.

You have to know that will be one of the first places they will look for you guys. They kept trying to get me to go back to the house to get some of my stuff, but a week after my dad died, my best friend was killed, and well, I didn't feel like doing much of anything after that until I met Lance.

We probably won't be staying there long, maybe just overnight. Not that I've ever had one before. He almost missed the next street corner which caused Greg to nearly cause both of the boys to trip.

Brent giggled a little as he looked back to see Jude and Greg recovering. Jude frowned. Neither Brent nor Lance seemed to have a reply to Jude's revelation, so all the boys continued to walk in silence for a while longer. The silence was broken after they crossed a large intersection, and found that they had reached the South-East corner of a large mall.

Brent giggled at Jude's excitement. The boys continued past the mall until the road they were walking on ended in a parking lot that was right across the street from several baseball fields. After walking through the ball park, and walking through a small field on the other side of the park, they soon reached Villa Drive.

By 4pm, they had reached the front door of Brent's old house. The driveway to the house was empty. The grass in the yard was starting to show signs of being a bit overgrown.


Daft Punk - Alive (CDr, Album), Even As We Speak - Various - Christmas Compilation 2014 (File), Love You To Death - Type O Negative - October Rust (Vinyl, LP, Album), Chi Mai, Enfants Soldats - Iznogood (2) - Bordelik Avant Lheure (CD, Album), Streets Of London - Bumawap Helmond* en Pumalra Nistelrode* - Songs For Everybody (Vinyl, LP, Album), Enfants Soldats - Iznogood (2) - Bordelik Avant Lheure (CD, Album), Como Me Hicieron A Mi - Carlos Varela - Monedas Al Aire (Cassette, Album), BAP - Vun Drinne Noh Drusse (Vinyl, LP, Album)


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